TEFAL 5 second chopper

5 second chopper The cutting revolution for homemade food prepared in no time for the whole family!

The simplest and fastest way to chop any kind of food to the exact size you want! With the Tefal 5 Second Chopper, preparing healthy food at home just got easier! Its independent stainless-steel blades ensure an easy cutting result. Now chop vegetables, fruits, herbs, spices, nuts and prepare your favourite chutneys, purees or sauces to make your favourite puree quickly and safely with Tefal’s 5 Sec chopper.

• Patented Pulling System
• Patented independent rotor stainless-steel blades
• 900ML Bowl for extra-large chopping needs
• Customized chopping level
• Extra thicker non-slip base for stable grip
• Soft ergonomic handle for ease of use

Reference: K1320404

5 Sec chopper for quick cutting and homemade meals! Prepare healthy meals at home quickly and easily with the Tefal’s 5 Second chopper.
• 900ML chopper is equipped with smart and patented technologies so that you can chop all sorts of vegetables, fruits, herbs and nuts quickly and effortlessly and prepare the most delicious dishes.
• The patented pulling system helps in getting super-fast chopping effortlessly and the patented independent stainless-steel blades ensure highly efficient results.
• Swiss Pro blades, crystal clear bowl helps in getting the desired size
• Automatic Rewind function ensures blades don’t get stuck and helps in faster slicing of ingredients
• Soft ergonomic handle with anti-slip foot ensure optimal user-friendliness.
• 5-second kitchen chopper has an integrated knife guide for effortless results and a 900 ml capacity for making perfect meals for the whole family!

  • Gurantee.jpg

    10 Years Guarantee

    Tefal 900ml chopper comes with 10 years guarantee against manufacturing defects

  • Automatic-rewind-and-oulling-system.jpg

    A time saving new gesture !

    One simple pull puts the patented technology into action : combine a boost system inside the lid and two independent blades on the rotor for accelerated cutting and impressive results ! All type of food can be chop, especially the painful one as nuts, almonds or onions

  • Patented-independent-blades.jpg

    Fast cutting

    With the patented pulling system integrated into the lid, the cutting system is boosted and you will get the result you want in few seconds

  • chop-in-5-second.jpg

    Chop anything you want

    Ultra-resistant swiss pro stainless steel blades to chop any kind of food, along with a smart blade guide at the bottom for maximum cutting performance

  • Onion-Cutting.jpg

    Progressive cutting for customized results

    Take control and chop it exactly the way you want: the more you pull, the smaller you chop! Monitor your results thanks to the see-through crystal-clear bowl

  • No-Electric-required.jpg

    No electric power

    No electric power requested. The 5 second chopper can be used anywhere you want

  • Anti-slip-base.jpg

    Safe and Comfortable to use

    Thanks to a whole series of smart features : a safe locking system, a non-slip base and a soft-touch, ergonomic handle

  • Easy-to-clean.jpg

    Easy to Clean

    Quick to Use and easy to clean with transparent bowl for easy viewing of chopped size

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