TEFAL Quickchef Hand Blender

Quickchef Hand Blender So much power, so little effort

Take your cooking experience to a whole new level with Quickchef Hand Blender from Tefal. Sleek and stylish, this hand blender guarantees promising performance with its 1000W motor that quickly blends smoothies, shakes, whisks eggs and even chops vegetables. It has a metal foot that not only works for cold but hot ingredients too like pav bhaji vegetables, hot soups, compotes, sauces, daals and even spinach for palak paneer.

  • 1000W power for extreme blending
  • Intuitive variable speed options
  • Soft, non-slip handle grip
  • Baloon shaped metal Whisk attachment
  • 800ml Beaker
  • 500ml Chopper
  • Anti-splash guard for necessary comfort

For Effortless and Powerful Blending, Whisking and Chopping.

Quickchef 3-in-1 hand blender that lets you enjoy optimum power with just little efforts. With this you can easily prepare a range of dishes in no time, thanks to a high performance 1000W motor. An anti-splash guard and non-slip handle provide comfort of use while 10 non-stop, adjustable speed options and an intuitive, easy to use dial lets you stay in total control.
  • Extreme blending and thus Guaranteed performance with a 1000W motor.
  • Thoughtfully designed, adjustable speed knob with backlit dial works without stopping the blender.
  • The accession in the speed levels can be achieved without stopping the blender.
  • Anti-splash Guard provides all the necessary comfort to cook by keeping your kitchen counter clean and eliminating the cleaning.
  • Soft, non-slip handle grip has ergonomic design for firm grip, even when your hands are wet
  • Whisk, an easy attachment to make fluffy curd and cream
  • 800ml Beaker allows you to whisk desired ingredients in measured quantities
  • 500ml Chopper for perfect chopping of vegetables and nuts
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    Fitted with a powerful, 1000W motor, Quickchef hand blender easily blends, whisks and chops food ingredients that you require for your food preparatory needs.

  • anti-splash-guard.jpg

    Anti-splash Guard

    The anti-splash guard keeps your kitchen counter spic and span all the time and eliminates hassles of cleaning afterwards.

  • intuitive-variable-speed-options.jpg

    Intuitive Variable Options

    Quickchef hand blender comes with an easy to use, backlit dial with adjustable speed facility that does not require stopping the blender in between operations.

  • soft,-non-slip-handle-grip.jpg

    Soft, non-slip Handle Grip

    The soft handle design allows you to have a firm grip over the handle. Also, the ergonomic design facilitates easy hold even when the hands are wet.

  • whisk.jpg


    The whisk attachment allows you to make fluffy, creamy curd, egg whites, creamy cake mix etc.

  • 800ml-beaker.jpg

    800 ml Beaker

    The beaker attachment measures 800ml allowing you to blend and whisk food ingredients in measured quantities.

  • 500ml-chopper.jpg

    500 ml Chopper

    500 ml chopper attachment is perfect for chopping nuts and vegetables of your liking.

  • metal-foot.jpg

    Removable Metal foot

    The removable metal foot can be used to blend even hot food ingredients like bhaaji and spinach. Its usability is increased with the metal foot that is detachable, hence easy to clean.

Frequent questions
To avoid splashes, place the mixer arm halfway down the preparation then press the start button. At the end of preparation always stop the appliance before taking the mixer arm out of the preparation.
Do not use your mixer arm in a pan on the hob or to chop nuts (almonds, hazelnuts, etc.), raw meat*, or ice cubes* and do not run it in an empty container.
* for models with click and mix accessories, these types of use are possible (see instructions for your mixer arm).
The first speed is very useful when you are starting mixing, because it is a slow speed that allows you to avoid splashes. Gradually increase the speed depending on your preparation.
No, always unplug the appliance before any intervention.
All parts and accessories of your mixer arm are dishwasher-safe except for the motor unit and the gears, which you can wipe with a slightly damp sponge.
After following the instructions in the user manual for starting the appliance, make sure that your electrical socket is working by plugging another appliance. If it still does not work, do not try to dismantle or repair the appliance yourself and take it to an approved repair centre.
Do not use your appliance. To avoid any danger, have it replaced by an approved repair centre.
Find more detailed information in the Guarantee section of this website.
Your appliance contains valuable materials which can be recovered or recycled. Leave it at a local civic waste collection point.